CURRENT STATE™ is a collection of nutritiously balanced and clinically responsive products created to make taking care of your skin as intuitive as eating a well-balanced diet.

The philosophy is simple: Just like our bodies are always seeking to be in homeostasis, our skin wants to be in a state of balance too. It looks and feels its best when it gets there—energized and smooth, radiant and toned.

But its current state can be a few degrees—or more—away from that ideal equilibrium. So it’s on us to heed its needs and nudge it back to balanced wellbeing, in small ways every day. With a little know-how and a few well-formulated products, this is quite easy to do. Think how quickly we can become competent in the kitchen: With the right staple ingredients on hand, it becomes second nature to create nourishing, well-rounded meals that help our bodies perform their best. Similarly, anyone can put together a daily skincare program that allows their skin to perform the way nature intended—problem free, comfortable, and glowing with vitality. Current State™ empowers you to care for your skin’s unchanging foundational needs as well as its fluctuating, everyday concerns. Current State exists because your skin deserves the same kind of attention you bring to your diet and lifestyle—care that’s attuned to your type and tendency and that also responds to the changing demands and stressors of the current moment.

Our clean pledge

The CURRENT STATE of skincare science is exciting; those with the passion to look deeply are standing at a new frontier in which harm-free ingredients (clinically tested for safety) and efficacious results go hand in hand. Many of these ingredients are derived from nature; some of them are human made; and in our products, all the ones we select surpass our rigorous threshold for “clean”—they perform their functions brilliantly while benefiting from data proving no known risk to your wellbeing.

After all, health is what we’re after here—body, mind, and skin. Our Clean Pledge means that you can take care of your skin, while we take care of the rest.

Our brand pillars

Tune in to Your Skin's Current State™

Your skincare will be limited if you stick to old-school categories of care (Dry, Oily, Combination). These inherited traits are half the picture, certainly; the other half comes from the ever-changing factors from your inner and outer environment that show up on your skin— by combining both levels of understanding, you can achieve better results than you ever have before.

Precision Tuned Formulations

We bring the expertise and ingredients from high-end skincare to you by power of multiple active ingredients selected to have precise and targeted purpose. Together, the individual ingredients achieve a potent skincare synergy that exceeds what comparable lines deliver.

Inviting You In With Soft Science

We distill complex skincare science into easily understandable and relatable concepts so you can feel confident that we have done the research for you. You can trust that you are applying safe, non-toxic ingredients that verifiably do what we claim they do.

You Are Your Own Expert

We believe in holistic individuality—no one-size fits all approach, nor religiously following a set-in-stone regimen day in and day out. We help you respond to what your skin is saying it needs by empowering you with the knowledge and the products to be your own best skin specialist. Experience how exciting it is to step beyond auto-pilot skincare.

Valuable Transparency

We want you to get the most out of your products. We help you avoid “ingredient redundancy,” where multiple products in your regimen are filled with the exact same active ingredients that do the exact same thing. And we keep the hoopla in check (no superfluous packaging or overwrought marketing) so more of the cost goes into the pot or jar.

Giving back

We want to see a world in which it’s absolutely ordinary to pay close attention to our current state of mind. Just like with skincare, the choices we make daily in how we eat, sleep, exercise and manage stress have a massive effect on our brain health—today and as we age. To this end, we’ve teamed up with a non-profit partner, Alzheimer’s Universe, to help spread its important mission of providing free education about Alzheimer’s prevention, treatment, and caregiving to users around the world. A portion of our profits are donated to Alzheimer’s Universe every year. To discover this for yourself, go to