Many brands boldly list what is not in their products (toxic, untested or cruelly tested ingredients). That’s important, and we’ve got a rigorous “Not” list baked in as well. But we want to go beyond No’s and get you clear on the Yes’s.

We’ve identified six skincare “food groups” that together cover your bases for nourishment, hydration, and protection.


Gentle, yet non-abrasive, chemical, enzymatic and physical exfoliators sweep away dead skin cells and debris that dull skin and clog pores to reveal the glistening, polished skin hiding underneath.


The micronutrients that nourish your body also nourish your skin. In every product, you’ll find an assortment of beneficial vitamins ranging from letters A through K. These vitamins will help nourish, moisturize, hydrate, and even exfoliate.


Plants are made of powerful stuff, which is why many of their oils - rich in fatty acids that are naturally attracted to the lipids that make up skin’s barrier - are in our products. However, some find that fragrant plant oils can be irritating to their skin or senses. Just to be safe, we don’t use them so that no one has to worry.


All day long, your skin is constantly battling bad guys like environmental aggressors (UV light, pollution) and free radicals, which assault your skin and can damage healthy cells. Antioxidants and plant extracts are scientifically proven to help protect your skin from their harm (as well as helping to reduce pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles).


Your skin performs lots of different functions and when it’s damaged or unhealthy, it can get frazzled and lose track of what it was meant to do, resulting in it looking tired or aged, feeling uncomfortable, or even having stubborn problems. Certain ingredients help your skin to get back on-track. We include them to ensure that your skin gets these “reminders” and functions as the healthy, resilient and radiant-looking organ that nature intended it to be.


Cholesterol, squalane, ceramides, and other fatty acids are super-ingredients that help your skin retain moisture and create a strong, healthy barrier (protecting you from dryness, irritation, and infection). They’re so similar to naturally occurring fats in the body, they are easily recognized and used, resulting in a soft, plump and radiant complexion.


We formulated our products with premium ingredients from each of these categories for your skin to happily soak up. To ensure you get your daily dose of them, even if you’re following the simplest of regimens, we’ve created easy to follow, skin food group icons you can refer to that shows which ingredients in each product fall under the Current Core™. This means that even when following the simplest of regimens, you can determine if you’ve had one of each “food group” per day—or be reassured that if you’ve skipped it today, you can easily make up for it tomorrow with a different product choice. With the Current Core™, you never have to worry about whether you’ve got your skincare bases covered.